Patio Chats and Other Videos
Patio Chats will resume some time in the Spring of 2018.  I will also be posting some travel videos.  Right now my time is being taken up as I'm coordinating with my publisher on the edits for 'The Final Dilemma'.  I am also trying to work on the second novel.  Love to All.  J
  1. Man Touches Deer
    My favorite co-worker ever, Chris Huston, pulling a Grizzly Adams.
  2. Esoteric Agenda
    Introduction to the Big Picture of Manipulation!
  3. Run From the Cure
    Documentary on the TRUTH about the Cures of Cannabis.
  4. JFK to 911: Everything is a Rich Man's Trick
    One of the most accurate Documentaries I have ever seen!
  5. Agenda 21
    Speech by Ann Bressington in Australia. Great!
  6. The Lost Years of Jesus
    Interesting record of his 18 years not recorded in the Bible.
  7. Rope Swing into the Okanogan River
    Video of my girlfriend's son during an August 2017 float of the Okanogan River.
  8. Vaccine Nation
    Documentary on the Evils of Vaccines.
  9. In Lies We Trust
    A Must Watch for all those on the Journey of Awakening.
  10. The Truth Behind the Energy Lie
    All about the Suppression of Free Energy.
  11. Serenity Falls
    A Wonderful place that I went to early in my Journey near Marion, Montana.
  12. Jack Russell and Santa
    Reminds me of Nikki. Miss you girl!
  13. Patio Chat: Episode 1
    Video preview of the upcoming Wake Up Okanogan! seminar.
  14. Christmas Time at the Davenport
    Awesome footage at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane.
  15. Patio Chat 2 - The Psychology of Slavery
    Second episode of the Patio Chat. They will continue to get better and more frequent. Keep Watching and Learning.
  16. Chemical Ice Nucleation
    Example of the results of endless years of aerosol spraying for weather control purposes.
  17. US MIlitary Torturing Innocents with Jet Noise
    Textbook UN Agenda 21 military operation to distress people into moving out of the locations 'The Controllers' don't want them living in.
  18. More Jet Noise Torture
    My camera audio is not that great, but you can hear it. It is VERY distressing for me to the brink of suicide.
  19. Waco: The Rules of Engagement
    Sickening. People still need to go to prison over this.
  20. Conspiracy of Silence
  21. Patio Chat - Happy 2018!
    Quick New Year's Greeting
  22. Patio Chat 3 - Culture of Conformity
    These are getting better. I am having fun now!. Love to All. J
  23. January 2, 2018 Jet Noise
    I will be assembling a compilation when I have enough of them.