Journey of Awakening

This Section contains information about the techniques, places, books, websites, and signs that helped me along the way to find my purpose in life.  I want to help those that are on their Journey.  Love to All.  J



The Truth is not well advertised, but still publicized.

Wide open nature, with the true feeling of Freedom!

The following books are highly recommended for those beginning the Journey of Awakening:  Behold A Pale Horse, None Dare Call It a Conspiracy, Pawns in the Game, The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, and TranceFormation of America.  'Click the Picture'.
I wrote most of my first novel in Montana and found answers to many of the spiritual questions I formed along this Journey of Awakening there.  Soon, I will have more information, but check out the link above to the Buddha Garden, just 'Click the Picture'.



Thanks be for the Internet!

Watch for all the Signs, no matter how subtle.

The following websites are highly recommended:  in5d, FreemanTV, DiscloseTV, David Icke, Project Camelot, Vigilant Citizen, Branton, and Educate-Yourself.  Check out the Link, just 'Click the Picture'.
The signs are everywhere.  I never noticed until I actually looked.  Most of my adult life was spent drunk; but, with over 4 years off the sauce, I can sure see alot more now.  Much more information will follow on this subject; but, for now, 'Click the Picture' for a link to Edgar Cayce.  
The following is a paraphrased version of a technique as outlined by Robert Monroe in his book, Far Journeys.  This will make its way into my Spirituality Seminar, but I wanted to give everyone something that they can start on right away; and it is very powerful, if used.  Please take the time to do these things that improve your human condition.  What do you really have better to do?  Take the time that you use to make excuses why you can’t do something positive, and use that time to actually do it.
Every cause of human worry is based on the Law of Change, almost without exception.  People worry that something will change, or they worry that something won’t change.  This worry leads to indecision, which leads to fear of the results of the change; this fear is the very cause of all human suffering.  When looking at the odds, the fear is rather unjustified.  In a decision, you have a 50/50 chance of poor results.  After that, you have a chance to make another decision to get you back on the right track; with another 50/50 chance or poor results.  This means that there is only a one in four chance that things will not turn out for the better.  These are good odds.  You have a 75% chance of good results, so the only wrong choice is none at all; this will guarantee you a 0% chance of good results.  Follow the exercise below to begin to make the choices that will lead you to spiritual freedom and the achievement of your Soul’s purpose.
1.      Make a list called the A list.  On this list put all your worries and concerns about things that you have no control over.
2.      Make a second list, called the B list.  On this list put all your worries and concerns about things that you do have control over.
3.      Make a third list, called the C list.  On this list put all your dreams, hopes, and aspirations; no matter how minor or old.
-          DESTROY list A, immediately, and remove ALL items from your conscious thought.
-          Each day, take some action on one item from list B, however small.  Cross items off the list as they disappear because of your actions.
-          Each day, take some action on one item from list C, however small.
Perform this process each day (preferably along with your daily meditation time) until you have NO A or B list; with ALL of your conscious thought focusing on items from list C.  Love to All.  J