This Section is a collection of informative material that humans really need to start waking up to.  Although some opinion is included, I only post information that has rational proof and documentation to go along with it.  Information can be labeled many things like Controversial, ‘Conspiracy Theory’, Sensible, Crazy, Thought-Provoking, and the list goes on.  Labels are only signs of Fear.  Information is simply information; Nothing more.  How it resonates within you is what is important.  Most people will know the truth when they encounter it.  That is why it takes courage to accept it.  Take it all in stride with and Open and Rational mind, and start doing your own research.  Love to All.  J
Below is a letter to the editor that I composed and submitted to the Omak/Okanogan Chronicle on June 2nd, 2018.  I cannot confirm if it was ever published, so I have made it available here.

Is this Okanogan or Okinawa?

The day was June 1st, 2018.  I remember cheering in ecstasy on my way down highway 97.  “YEAH!  I’m finally out of Okanogan County, for good; and it only took 3 years.”  Remembering back not long ago, how wonderful of a place this used to be; with peaceful deep blue skies suspending random fluffy white clouds.  Sadness filled my heart and a tear welled in my eye, as I accepted that my beautiful hometown was no longer a pleasant place to live.  It now resembled any hell that I could think of.  I had no choice but to leave here.

Every day (with the exception of a few ‘days off’), continuous jet thunder rumbling and unnerving afterburner noise destroys peace and harmony in the sky above, and you never know when it will begin or end.  These sound attacks have been growing in frequency and intensity for the last five years.  The area of coverage, where I have experienced it, runs from Crawfish Lake to Conconully and Malott to Oroville.  It is a fairly large attack area, and requires many jets.  I have seen these planes in the sky with binoculars on clear days, and I can see their lights at night if the sky is clear.  It sounds like living under the dome of perpetual war; penetrating insulated house walls, hearing protection, loud music, and any ability to concentrate rationally.  I have suffered through dozens of periods of time with several consecutive days of sustained high-decibel turbine noise.  Some durations exceed eight to ten hours on any given day. 

On November 29, 2017, the excessive sustained noise finally brought me to the brink of suicide.  I reached out to the county commissioners, pleading for help on the matter; with not so much as a written response in return.  It was truly disgusting.  What is even more nauseating, is watching the people act like it’s not going on.  There is no possible way that I am the only one bothered by these ‘Crimes against Humanity’; but, I feel like I may be the only one with the courage to do something about it, and will do whatever it takes to stop this insanity.

Apparently, Okanogan County is designated as a MOA (Military Operations Area).  Did I miss something?  When did the people vote to approve this perverted use of our skies?  If they need to ‘practice’ war so regularly, then they should conduct such murderous activities over the ocean.  The very fact that they are making a point to ‘practice’ right above our heads leads one to believe it is an actual military operation directed against the people.  The US military has a long demented history of subjecting its own populations (without their knowledge) to detrimental biological, chemical, and psychological experiments; most of them on a massive scale.  Suicide and crime is proven to increase under stressful noises, and you can see these rates going up now.  I know vets with PTSD that are absolutely climbing the walls when they hear these sounds.  Whatever operation that is in effect; it is, not only inhumane, but illegal and unconstitutional.  Look into the Posse Comitatus Act, for one.  What are they practicing anyway?  Last I checked, it wasn’t food, love, and shelter exploding out of the missiles and bombs being valiantly delivered to unsuspecting innocent populations of people the world wide by these unseen machines of war overhead.  This appears to be another incremental act of war against the populace, and it is our own fault for silently consenting to it.

I kept a written record of these occurrences during the entire month of December 2017; commenting on how this illegal application of high-decibel, sustained, torturous noise was affecting my psyche.  During the month, I estimated the durations of continuous (heard in the house) jet noise and time I had to actually wear hearing protecting.  The total durations for the month of December 2017 were:  jet noise – 83 hours and hearing protection – 43 hours.  I have also accumulated many gigabytes of audio and video recordings of the actual attacks over the years.

This is truly a horror that affects us all.  Your subconscious is being aggravated, even if you claim that you don’t notice it; which I don’t see how that would be possible.  Start looking into the history of military experimentation on populations.  Research programs like the U.N. Agenda 21 operation that has been going on for years.  New agendas of control are being developed all the time, and we must shut them down before they destroy our society.  Legal action could even be taken by the residents of the county in unison, using the data that I have accumulated.

Here is a brief description of a typical day in Okanogan County.  I wake up to a beautiful clear blue sky.  It is peaceful and quiet with no wind.  Before the sun even rises above the mountains, the low altitude planes begin their daily grid patterns of dispersing aerosol.  Then, within a couple hours of the sun rising, the (unnatural) cyclonic gusty wind patterns begin.  These weather control winds spread the aerosol around evenly in the air until a universal layer of plasma creates a gray haze covering the entirety of the sky, effectively blocking us from the health benefits of the sun.  A dark ring of pollution will then form around the sun due to the suffocating thickness of the poison aerosol.  Sometimes, the dispersal takes place over night; and I wake up to an evil sky.  The toxic chemicals and metals in the aerosol also serve as the medium to assist in electromagnetic weather control, which is basically a directed energy weapon.  Then, around mid-morning, the demons in the warplanes begin their daily destruction of harmony with high decibel sounds of thunder and explosion, continuing well into the evening hours and even the night.  Some of these are also emitting small bursts of aerosol.  This is the description of hell.

I have empathy for those of you that have to experience this, and I understand all your fears; but unless this treasonous operation is ceased, it will continue to get worse until everyone loses their sanity.  Ask yourself if you want your children being conditioned to the sounds of war on a daily basis, until it is accepted as the norm.  I will die before I allow that to happen.  We have to put an end to the sinister individuals behind the on-going destruction of our world, immediately.  Start getting active to the point of annoying.  Make your voice heard, vehemently!  Until the Controllers behind all these horrible evil deeds start to fear us, nothing will change.

James Bartleson, ex-resident of Okanogan County, WA
Project Bluebeam
This is just one of the many ‘What’s Coming Next’ scenarios that is out there.  I have attached a link for more information.  Click the ‘Button’ below.  What is Project Bluebeam?  I have been following this for over a decade.  With all the weather control devices, scalar weapons, and other terrible things that this compromised government is using; I couldn’t put it all together, until I came across Project Bluebeam.  Then it all made sense.
The WTC Towers were destroyed with the test of a large scalar weapon.  Anyone who believes the jet fuel explanation are probably the same ones that believe the ‘Magic Bullet’ theory.  Idiots!  I also personally witnessed this same technology being used to start the devastating fires here in Okanogan County in 2015.  This technology is being used to start all the major wildfires nationwide.  Then the weather control GWEN towers utilize Electro-magnetic ‘Free’ energy to guide the metallic and radioactive particulates that are in the aerosol that they cover the skies with EVERY day.  This creates extreme winds that they can guide the fires with (or distribute aerosol more evenly across the sky), and it is why the static electricity is so extremely harsh these days.  Haven’t you ever noticed that, lately, all the high winds that come up from time to time with NO STORM FRONT present or even nearby?  People need to go back and review some basic sciences.  Meteorologically, winds are created by storm fronts and changes in temperature and pressure systems.  It is impossible for nature to do this, but it is possible for Evil vermin to.  This is the same ‘Free’ energy technology that they are suppressing from you, at ALL costs, to keep you economically enslaved to buying gas and electricity; thus making these sub-human creatures even wealthier.
All the trillions of dollars that have disappeared from the government coffers over the years have been directed to this program.  You will also notice that each time a story comes out in the news about missing money, ‘The Controllers’ buddies in the media will quickly use distraction and propaganda techniques to make it go away.  Their agenda is so easy to see.  Evil has no imagination, and no creativity.  Their script never really changes; so, once you know what it is, it becomes obvious EVERY time.
So, how is this all going to be done?  I will give you a scenario; and then, please, look into this for yourself.  First, look at the sky lately.  You will notice that is has a plasma-like appearance to it.  That’s because it is Plasma now!  The decades of geoengineering, controlled weather disasters, fires, and etc. have caused much attention, but they have all been tests for Project Bluebeam.  These evil scum care nothing about destroying this world or killing humans.  That is a subject for another time though.  During the 1991 Gulf War, when I was still in the Navy, tests were done with this technology on the Iraqi Army.  ‘The Controllers’ were able to make the Iraqis see and hear their god, Allah, tell them to put their weapons down.  We never really had to fire a shot.  Remember, this was 26 years ago.  Then ‘The Controllers’ ordered the complete destruction and slaughter of those innocent people, after they had already surrendered; just like Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but without the nukes.  They used depleted uranium instead, and destroyed all future generations of the peaceful Iraqi people as well.  This was one of the biggest reasons that I left the military other than Waco.  Now, all the tests have mostly been done with a large body count, and they are ready for the full-blown atrocity.
Project Bluebeam is the faking of an Alien Invasion and it has been planned by ‘The Controllers’ for a VERY long time.  The sky is one big Plasma TV now.  They can project the vision of a UFO in the sky.  I have seen it with my own eyes, and it is really looks like the real thing; maybe even better.  Then, they will use the weather control and audio intrusion technology to make it look and sound like an Alien attack.  This will then be followed by the use of ominous scalar weapons to cause actual destruction.  It will look like an actual craft is using some sort of high tech weapon.  DO NOT BE FOOLED.  This a military operation, not an alien attack; and it is coming very soon.  Lately they have been filtering more and more UFO sightings into the lying media.  This is incremental conditioning of the populace to fear an ‘Alien’ attack.  Once they have programmed the fear, they will begin ‘Project Bluebeam’.  Then, military troops will show up to HELP us.  They will only be interested in getting you into FEMA detention facilities (there is an enormous one of these located right here in Okanogan County), and taking your weapons.  They are not here to HELP you.  They are your enemy.  If you go to the camps, you will never see freedom again.  Those that fight will be systematically hunted down, mostly remotely with drones.  I will be one of these.  Have you ever seen ‘The Terminator’?  This is all being done to accomplish the New World Order form of government that ‘The Controllers have always been striving for.  America has forever been a thorn in their side to accomplish this.  They have tried many times, and failed.  We must remain vigilant.  If America falls, then the world falls.  God help the universe if these baby-raping Satanists ever make it too far into space.  Love to All.  J

Difference between Natural Wind and Electro-Magnetic Wind
To tell you the truth, I can’t remember the last time I have actually seen Natural Wind.  It is easy to tell the difference, as I will describe.  Natural wind comes from one direction; unless it shifts due to changing temperature and pressure patterns, but it doesn’t shift instantly.  You can see the trees in Natural Wind will sway from one side to the other following the direction of the wind, and then relax as the wind speed slows down.  Natural Wind gusts come up and slow down in a sensible pattern.  This is NOT what you see today, especially in this County.  Electro-Magnetic Wind moves in a circular pattern and progresses in a similar one.  This is due to the distance of the radius from the GWEN towers.  You can see this pattern in the trees as they circle around in a chaotic motion.  The winds that witnesses describe from the wildfires are like a ‘rotating almost tornado-like’ pattern.  Electro-Magnetic Wind gusts come on instantly.  Around open doorways and windows around your house, Electro-Magnetic Wind will pulsate and rush in and out of the opening on all sides of the house.  If Natural Wind was blowing, in one direction, it would create a suction on the opposite side of the house and NOT appear to be ‘breathing’ at all.  Check all this out for yourself.  I think you will see what I am talking about.  Love to All.  J
Wake Up Okanogan! Seminar
I will be redoing the Wake Up Okanogan! Seminar in a Podcast format and posting that on YouTube over the winter.  The actual seminar took place on November 4th, 2017.  I recorded the seminar, but will not be releasing it in the 'Live' version.  Attendance was LOW, as I expected, but that just makes me want to work harder.  My next seminar, on Spirituality, will be coming in May 2018.  Love to All.  J

Click the Button below for a link to the Supplemental Handout that I created for the Wake Up Okanogan! seminar.  This is compiled from over 2 decades of my research and took many, many hours to consolidate and put together.  This is information that every human should know.  Please, take the time to Read It!


Click the Button below for a link to the Patent that the Air Force holds on Weather Control.  I also had this available for people to look at during the seminar.  It is not enough that the Aerosol Spraying in our skies is beyond obvious now, this actually confirms their use of Weather Control on the population. 


My main area of study has been in Mind Control Technologies and it's uses on the population.  The button below has a document called 'Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars'.  This is one of the first documents I read that led to further research.  It is related to all the SMART technologies that are always coming out.  My acronym for SMART is Surveillance, Mind-control, & Artificial Reality Technology.  This is a big problem now!


In my seminar, I have a section on Control of the Education System.  The button below in a link to a very informative paper called the 'Deliberate Dumbing Down of America' by Charlotte Iserbyt, who was Senior Policy Advisor for the Office of Educational Research and Improvement during Reagan's first term.  Education of our children is the DUTY of Free People, not the responsibility of some government!


Ahh, Yes.  The ongoing militarization of the police forces.  This has to be reversed, Immediately!  The button below has a link to great information that I have gathered on this over the years of watching it unfold before my very eyes.  As a Free, Sovereign Being, safety and security is MY responsibility and WILL NOT be taken from me by some lower-consciousness, order-following computer that is programmed to kill innocents.


I have a great affinity for the former President Kennedy, and always will.  I mention him quite frequently in my seminars and podcasts.  The Button below is a link to the Best explantion to why the assassination took place, and the grand scale of the vermin that were involved.  George H.W. Bush was a key player in this during his early years at the CIA.  BTW, his wife Barbara is the daughter of Alister Crowley.  Definitely evil in that family.