The electronic and print editions of my first novel, 'The Final Dilemma' (see below), published by Page Publishing, is now available on the Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites.  The e-book edition is also available on iTunes.  Click on the image of the book below for a link to Amazon.  Below is what is on the back cover of the book.  Love to All. J

Michael Stevens is a kind-hearted, highly-intelligent, emotionally-charged, and unlikely hero.  He had been created by something special in the Universe, to help humans fight the battles against ‘The Controllers’ of this world.  There was just one big problem.  He had a voracious demon growing inside of him.  One that fed on his anger and rage; fueled by a growing resentment towards his father, peers, and general ‘Raw’ deal in life.  Michael must endure a life-long journey of trials and torment, seeing through the veil of lies, to realize his true potential.  Mankind’s evolvement was being suppressed by a highly elusive society of power and greed, and there wasn’t much time left; but he had the power to heal it.  Following the synchronistic signs along the way, his journey takes him to the edge of sanity and beyond.  Will Michael be able to make the correct choices and become what he was meant to be?  Is he really as powerful as he was being told?  Is humanity worth it?  All the answers hinge on one Final Dilemma.

‘The Final Dilemma’ is the first novel of a trilogy addressing the hidden reality around us; as well as, finding the true gifts that lie dormant in the human spirit within us all.
About the Author:
James Bartleson grew up in a small town in eastern Washington State.  After receiving his degree in civil engineering from the University of Idaho; he spent 20 years as a transportation engineer, throughout the western United States.  As a result of being born hyper-sensitive (known as empathic), he felt the pains of society much deeper than the majority.  James thought of using real people and actual events as the basis for both tender and shocking stories that would open the world’s eyes to the unconscionable dark influences that are affecting the human condition.  In 2017, James’ overwhelming desire to help humanity for the better caused him to leave his career as a Professional Engineer, and begin the journey to become an author and an educator.
Development of a Concept:
Creative writing has always been a passion of mine, since I was a young boy; mainly due to my early love of Stephen King.  His visions and stories spoke to me, as if someone out there finally understood.  King was so intelligent and made me feel comfortable as an empath, way before I even knew that I was one or what it was.  ‘The Green Mile’ is one of the best books that I have ever read.  I related to the empathic main character more than I have with any character that I have encountered in literature.  With the exception of a couple novels, I have read everything that King has ever published.
I have read all the classics throughout my life, as well.  I am very partial to the Naturalists like Emerson and Thoreau.  Mark Twain, John Steinbeck, Earnest Hemmingway, H.L. Mencken, Kurt Vonnegut, Dan Brown, and Robert Parker have also been some of my other favorite reads; along with the dozens and dozens of non-fiction book that I have read over the years.  In the latter years of my life, and still to this day, I am continually interested in topics related to the unknown, spirituality, psychic abilities; and, especially, mind control.  I am one who loves knowledge and wants to share it.
In the summer of 2013, I had my final battle with alcohol and decided to sober up.  A fellow soberee introduced me to Jack Reacher, authored by Lee Child.  Oh happy day!  What a great hero Reacher became for me.  It was exactly that kind of take no crap hero that this apathetic world needed more of.  During my first four months in sobriety, I read every single Jack Reacher novel that had been printed up until that time.
Over the next year, after quitting the sauce, disaster continued to strike my life.  I eventually lost my job, girlfriend, friends, soon-to-be house, and almost my sanity.  Nearly everything I used to enjoy had no luster anymore.  I had many breakdowns trying to adapt to a world of very limited consciousness.  Most people would have gone back to the bottle.  I did not, but I did finally reach the brink of suicide in April of 2015.  That is where my life changed forever.
I gave up my 20 year career as a Transportation Engineering, and I began writing my first novel.  My empath abilities began to become more apparent.  I learned how to control them while growing in spiritual awareness.  I began to thirst for knowledge on a level that I had never encountered before.  I put a lot of thought into how I wanted to approach the novel.  Coming up with a character and a concept did not actually take that long since I was thinking extremely clear at this point in my life.
The first decision involved naming the character, Michael Stevens.  It is very simple, really.  Michael is the name of my best friend that killed himself when I was eighteen, and Stevens is the plural form of my father’s first name.  Next came the personality of the character, and the general theme.  My basic concept was if ‘The Green Mile’ met Jack Reacher.  I fictionalized real life disasters and hard lessons from my own experience and other people’s that have influenced mine, to illustrate the challenges of becoming a very powerful empath.  He was to become a force to be reckoned with and travel the world solving problems in a Reacher-like fashion, except not quite as severe.  Similar to Lee Child, I never use extreme swear words.  No need to be too vulgar.
The audience that I had intended for this book series was quite broad.  The first novel, ‘The Final Dilemma’ was intended to be for the underdogs.  The ones who have been kicked, abused, ignored, destroyed, and misunderstood their entire lives.  The intelligent ones who don’t fit into society.  The ones who can see and feel the truth; that propaganda and thought control does not work on.  The empathic, moral, and principled who won’t contribute to the evils of the system.  I created a character, Michael Stevens, who would conquer his horrible past gaining the ability to do amazing supernatural things, and right the wrongs in his life.
The second installment, ‘Caroline’s Fire’, will delve more into the all-too-real and widespread child abduction and trafficking operations going on in this world.  The first novel briefly touches on the subject and introduces the next major character, Caroline.  Michael will continue his traveling adventures trying to fix problems in the world, while searching for Caroline.  This second novel will be more on the action/mystery side of things where the first novel was dealing with the lifetime saga of the developing main character.  ‘The Final Dilemma’ take place over decades, whereas ‘Caroline’s Fire’ takes place over about a week.
I have not decided what the plot of the third novel will be yet.  I know that it will be titled ‘Return to the Edge’ and involve the two main characters against a large agency or corporation.  These Michael Stevens novels are only intended to be a trilogy, but that may change.  I won’t know until I finish the initial series. 
I spent 3½ years writing and publishing the first novel between odd jobs and hardships while traveling over 10,000 miles; and the concept developed into the idea for a trilogy.  The first novel was VERY difficult to write, since I had to face so many painful things from my life, over again.  In a way, the writing was a Journey of Awakening for me.  The next two novels in the trilogy are going to be quite a bit more fun to write.  I plan on expanding my creative ideas with the wonderful character that I created in ‘The Final Dilemma’.  I hope everyone enjoys Michael for years to come.  My Love goes out to you all!  J
Click the 'Button' below to read the (rough, uneditted) first chapter of my next novel, which will be called 'Caroline's Fire'.  This will be the second installment of the trilogy.  See you on the Patio Chat & Love to All.  J
The button below is a link to the (rough, uneditted) second chapter of 'Caroline's Fire'.  This will be the final chapter that I post on the internet, until the book is completed.  Love to All.  J