My Earthly Name is Jim

What is LOVE?

  • Acceptance of 'All That Is'
  • Acknowledgement of 'Fear'
  • Complete Forgiveness
  • Courage to SEE the 'Truth'
  • Need for Human Connections
  • Sharing of Happiness
  • Embracing Differences
  • Understanding and Empathy
I spent 20 years as a Civil Engineer, serving the beast system.  I still enjoy creating and building things; but, Now!, my product is LOVE!  During those 20 years, I have watched this world spiral into an abyss of fear and suffering that I have never seen the likes of before; even in my worst nightmares.  So, I decided to change my course in life.  I have put all of my time, life savings, and, most of all, heart into this HUGE project.  We actually can 'Save the World', even if only a few people at a time.  Slowly still works, eventually!

Statement of Soul's Purpose

  • The ONLY known killer of 'Fear'
  • Lacking in the CURRENT World
  • Not discussed enough
  • The CURE to all our problems
  • Never Boring!
  • Never Old!
  • And, Most of All, It's FREE!
My soul's purpose is to spread awareness of the truth, break the pattern of fear in this world, and reveal the real power of LOVE.  I am an Empath, as well.  Life in this world is very challenging for us.  For the past several years, I have been writing novels, producing thought-provoking T-shirt ideas, and creating seminars; all with the intent of helping just one person.  With this website, I am now releasing that to society.  Although I do need to make a living in this journey, because we still reside in this lower dimensional prison of economic bondage (For now!), I will use all monetary means, past what I need to live MODESTLY, to better this world and 'Walk the Talk'!
Click on the Books Tab above,  or the button below, for information on the recent release of my first novel, 'The Final Dilemma.'

Click the 'Button' below to view my report entitled 'Crimes in the Skies'.  I presented this report to the Okanogan County Commissioners on October 22, 2018. 

Nature is the only example of Unconditional Love!

The Adventures of Michael Stevens

Wear the Talk!

Getting the Word Out!

  1. Says it All!
    Bear and Wolf, Truth, Freedom, Love, Nature, Compassion, Empathy, Warmth
  2. Buddha
    Montana, Buddha, Truth, Freedom, Love, Nature, Spirituality, Rebirth, Chakra, Mantra
  3. Mom's Incredible Painting
    Mom's Incredible Painting
  4. Serenity Falls
    Marion, Montana, Truth, Freedom, Love, Serenity, Waterfall, Rebirth, Spirituality, Meditation
  5. Nikki, I miss you!
    Truth, Freedom, Love, Nature, Dog Lovers
  6. Too Much Love
    Too Much Love
  7. Harry, A Good Man!
    Harry, A Good Man!
  8. Drinks Anyone?
    Drinks Anyone?
  9. Breathtaking
  10. Roses for My Girlfriend
    Roses for My Girlfriend
Life is nothing more than a ride, albeit a dangerous one.  Yes, it has killed everyone that has ever embarked on it; a roller coaster of Hope and Despair, but DON’T be discouraged.  Find your INNER courage.  All destinations have a Journey; and it is this Journey that defines who we are.  Your advancement in this ‘Journey of Awakening’ is measured by the knowledge of the TRUTH that you accumulate along the way; not the material things, that most seem to cherish way too much.
This Journey is your Soul’s Purpose.  Every Soul has a different purpose, and we must EMBRACE these differences to evolve.  When we try to be all the same, we devolve; which is getting worse every day.  Gratitude, Acceptance, and Forgiveness are the TOOLS required for this Journey.  Misery is easy; Happiness takes work, but the reward is WORTH it.  Love to All. J